About Us

Who we are

An organization of National Parliaments and Provincial / State / Territorial Legislatures of member countries of the Commonwealth on the continent of Africa who irrespective of gender, race, religion are committed to:

  •  Respect for Human Rights and Freedom and the pursuit of the ideals of Democracy and good governance;
  •  Building understanding and unity between countries of the Region and the Continent; and
  •  Promoting the interest / perspective of Africa into the Commonwealth and Beyond.


Regional Bodies

Article 14 of CPA AFrica Region Constitution establishes the following bodies with their respective Sub-Committees:

(a) Annual Regional Conference;

(b) Annual General Meeting; and 

(c) Executive Committee with the following sub-committees:

     (i) Coordinating Committee;

     (ii) Regional Representative Sub-Committee;

     (iii) Programme Planning and Finance Sub-Committee; and

     (iv) Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Steering Committee


Regional Organs

The following Regional Organs are hereby established by Article 15 of the CPA AFrica Region Constitution:

(a) Speakers and Presiding Officers;

(b) Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians;

(c) Society of Clerks-at-the-Table; and

(d) Regional Secretariat

What we do

The activities of the Region are stipulated in Article 6 of the CPA Africa Region Constitution as follows:

  1. To hold an Annual Regional Conference, as far as is practicable, at least once a year in a place the General Meeting shall determine;
  2. Arrange for meetings, seminars, conferences, sports and cultural events at both regional and inter-regional levels;
  3. Facilitate study tours and exchange visits among parliamentarians in Member countries;
  4. Publish journals, newsletters, pamphlets and reports on various issues and activities relevant to the aims and objectives of the Region:- Provided that the Regional Secretariat shall maintain and disseminate the published information to the CPA Secretariat and other Regional Secretariats and branches of the Region;
  5. raise funds for the implementation of the projects that are in line with the aims and objectives of the Region; and
  6. Invite, at its discretion and on such conditions as it may decide,  other organisations or persons to address it or participate in any of



As adopted by the annual general meeting of the region on 27th may, 1985 and amended by the annual general meeting of the region on
7th june, 1989, 25th may 1994,
20th may 1997, 16th august, 2000, 8th august, 2001, 5th august, 2002, 20th july, 2009 and 17th june, 2011.


Please click here to download CPA constitution

Office Bearers

The Officers of the Region shall be the:

  • President;
  • The Vice-President;
  • The Chairperson of the Executive Committee;
  • The Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Committee;
  • The Treasurer;
  • The Vice-Treasurer; and
  • CWP Chairperson and the Regional Secretary.


As stipulated in ARTICLE 49 of the Constitution of the CPA Africa Regional –

The Regional Secretariat shall form the Regional Headquarters, whereby the Clerk or Secretary of the national Parliament hosting the Secretariat or any person designated by the Parliament shall be the Regional Secretary.
And Subject to the general directions of the Executive Committee, the Regional Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Region and shall be responsible for coordination and management of the day to day affairs and activities of the Region.