Regional Secretariat


Regional Secretariat is established under article 49 of the Constitution of CPA Africa Region:-

“(1) There shall be a Regional Secretariat which shall form the Regional Headquarters.

(2)   The Clerk or Secretary of the national Parliament hosting the Secretariat or any person designated by the Parliament shall be the Regional Secretary.

(3)    The Regional Secretariat shall consist of -

         (a)the Regional Secretary;

         (b)the Assistant Regional Secretary;

          (c)staff seconded by the host or other Parliaments; and

         (d)staff appointed by the Secretary on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Executive Committee.”


Currently, CPA Tanzania Branch is hosting the Region Secretariat as per Article 4 of the same Constitution.

“The Regional Headquarters shall be in any place within the Region as may be determined by the General Meeting.”

Headquarter of the CPA Africa Region is located in the City of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 


Functions of the Regional Secretariat

Subject to the general directions of the Executive Committee,   The Regional Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Region and shall be responsible for coordination and management of the day to day affairs and activities of the Region.


In the broader context of Article 50 of Constitution of CPA Africa Region, Functions of CPA Africa Region Secretariat are provided through Region Secretary as follows:

  • (i) Maintain close liaison with Branches in the Region and other Region Secretariats
  • (ii) Responsible for the administration and organization of the Region’s activities;
  • (iii) Playing secretarial role to meetings of the organ and Bodies of the Region;
  • (iv) Responsible for the Preparation and circulation of notice, agenda and other documents relevant to the General Meeting or Annual Regional Conference in accordance with provisions of CPA Africa Region Constitution;
  • (v) Responsible for the preparation of summary records and reports of the deliberations of the Organs and Bodies of the Region;
  • (vi) Responsible for the preparation of proposals for work programme and draft budget for consideration and approval by the Budget Committee;
  • (vii) Facilitate the implementation of decisions of the Organs and Bodies of the Region;
  • (viii) Prepare regular statement, reports and financial statements relating to the Region and the Secretariat for consideration by the Programme Planning and Finance Sub-Committee; and
  • (ix) Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.